Mary Todd Lincoln Historical Costume: Children’s Civil War Era Costumes

Martha Washington Childrens Costume

This Mary Todd Lincoln Historical Costume for Children’s Civil War Era School Project Costumes and Patriotic Holidays is just one of thousands & thousands of Historical, Theatrical & Patriotic Costumes we keep in stock all year round.

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DFW area Costume Lovers come to Dallas Vintage Shop when they want better quality and unlimited costume choices. Get Theatrical, Historical and Patriotic Costumes that nobody in the Dallas Metroplex can provide. Sometimes you just want a ‘Wow’ factor outfit for a special costume event or you want your child to get a really cool costume for that 70’s Disco Theme Party, Historical School Projects or just for Halloween. So, its worth the drive. After all, we have regular Costume Customers from LA, New York, Miami, New Orleans and elsewhere. When it comes to your Costume needs, we take our job seriously.

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Folks from all over the Metroplex find costumes from any decade, any century and any theme in our vintage clothing and costume arsenal. Nobody in Dallas, DFW or North Texas has more Supreme Quality, Median & Economy Priced Costume Choices than Dallas Vintage Shop. Adults, Parents & Teachers can depend on us to make sure they find everything you could possible need for Quality Kids Costume, School Historical Projects, School Theatrical Wardrobes and Period Costumes. We are open all year round.

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The entire DFW, North Texas area comes to Dallas Vintage Shop for our complete line of quality costumes and accessories for any of your costume needs. We have only one location, but it is well worth the drive. We are a one stop shop. Our costume selection is encyclopedic  and we are open all year round. Costumes, Accessories and Vintage Attire range from Superior Quality to Median & Economy Prices. Get an entire costume or just the pieces you need to Upgrade, Update or Complete your costume. Please browse our menu on the right side of the page. Feel free to call if you have any Questions: Call Now: 972-422-7256.

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