Marlon Brando, ‘The Wild One’ Movie Costume

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Marlon Brando, ‘The Wild One’ Movie Costume. For Supreme Costumes in Dallas you can always depend on us. This Marlon Brando, Johnny Strabler, iconic 1953 Movie, The Wild One character is excellent for ‘Hollywood Greats’ Theme Parties, Sock Hops, Theatrical or film productions. We have complete outfits for any of the old Classic Movies or historical events. This Movie was inspired by 1947’s’ Forth of July weekend events in Hollister, CA. There, the American Motorcycle Association’s bike rally got wild and the event became the inspiration for Frank Rooney’s short story about wild biker characters. Now the image of Brando in his biker getup is emblematic of that culture. We have biker jackets, leather jeans, chaps and everything you need to assemble amazing outfits like this one or any character from any movie imaginable.

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