Classic Mad Hatter Costume, Vintage & Cartoon Mad Hatter Attire

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Get this classic Mad Hatter costume or vintage & cartoon versions of the Mad Hatter outfits here. You may prefer to create your own Mad Hatter costume from scratch from our fantastic collection of Mad Hatter style coats, top hats and other Mad Hatter Costumes.   We can help you create the classic Mad Hatter costume or you can do the unconventional Johnny Depp Mad Hatter outfit.  We have so many wild and crazy or classic and conservative costume pieces that are perfect for the Mad Hatter Costume of your Dreams. We are sure you will have a blast looking through all of the Mad Hatter style loud plaid pants, bold printed or tapestry vests, velour, tweed, velvet or brightly colored coats, jackets, ties, ascots and scarves.  Don’t forget our huge collection of top hats, Mad Hatter hats, spats, glasses, mustaches and shoes. Get a complete Mad Hatter Outfit or just the costume pieces or accessories you need.


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