Kids School Project Costumes

Dallas Vintage Shop has children’s Pilgrim costumes, Pilgrim collars, Pilgrim bonnets, Pilgrim hats, Pilgrim boy costumes and Pilgrim girls costumes for Dallas area school projects or Thanksgiving Costumes. Dallas Vintage Shop serves Dallas and North Texas with the most complete selection of Pilgrim dresses for girls and Pilgrim shirts and pants for boys. Dallas Vintage Shop has many many styles and versions of boys, girls and adult Pilgrim outfits with Pilgrim shoes and Pilgrim buckles for shoes and Pilgrim big buckle belts.

Dallas Vintage Shop provides Dallas, the Dallas area, and North Texas with children’s Pioneer costumes, Pioneer aprons, Pioneer bonnets, Pioneer hats, and more Pioneer clothing than you can imagine in many Pioneer styles and various qualities for school projects and Pioneer Days costumes and other occasions. Dallas Vintage Shop has Pioneer aprons, Pioneer pinafores, Pantaloons Pioneer bonnets, Pioneer hats, Raccoon hats, Pioneer boys costumes, Pioneer girls costumes, Pioneer dresses, Pioneer skirts, Pioneer shirts for boys, Pioneer fringe shirts, Pioneer fringe coats, boys and mens Pioneer fringe pants, Pioneer accessories and more. Dallas Vintage Shop has many choices for Pioneer clothing. Dallas Vintage Shop has the largest selection of Pioneer clothing and costumes in Dallas and the entire Dallas area.

Dallas’ largest supplier of Colonial clothing and Colonial costumes for childrens Colonial Days and Dallas area school projects. Dallas Vintage Shop has many many different styles of girls Colonial dresses, Colonial aprons, Colonial pinafores, Colonial mop hats, Colonial muffin hats, boys Colonial costumes, boys colonial shirts, Colonial pants, Colonial hats, mens Colonial wigs, womens Colonial wigs, fancy Colonial dresses, simple Colonial dresses in many styles and colors. Colonial capes, coats and robes. Dallas Vintage shop has a huge supply of Colonial costumes for school projects. Dallas Vintage Shop has variety, quantity and various prices and qualities of Colonial costumes and clothing for children and adults.

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