Izumicon Anime Expo, Reed Conference Center, Midwest City OK, Aug. 31 – Sep. 2 2018: Find Fantastic Anime & Gaming Cosplay Options at Dallas Vintage Shop, Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Costume, Couples’ & Group Cosplay Costume Ideas

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Looking for an Entertaining Event in Midwest City, OK? Check out the Izumicon Anime Expo. We Have Complete Details For the Izumicon Event Listed and Linked Below. Here you will find Event Times & Dates, Event Locations & Maps, Event Ticket Connections & Official Event Website Links. Izumicon @ Reed Conference Center, 5800 Will Rogers Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73110;  Aug 31 10:00 AM to Sep 2 at 06:00 PM. We are dedicated to Costume Events DFW & North Texas. Get Everything you need about Costume Events right here.  Dallas Vintage Shop can provide Costume Event Suggestions. Like this Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Cosplay. Find Tons of Anime and Cosplay costumes! If Super Hero & Super Villain are more your thing, we have Both and kids costumes too. Get complete outfits or just the pieces you need. We are here for you all year round with Costume Event Listings & Costumes Galore.

Izumicon Anime Expo

Get Izumicon Anime Expo Dates And Times: Aug 31 10:00 AM to Sep 2 at 06:00 PM

Izumicon Anime Expo Location: Reed Conference Center, 5800 Will Rogers Road, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73110

Find Izumicon Anime Expo Map

Izumicon Anime Expo Tickets: $50-$150

Discover Izumicon Anime Expo Schedule

Izumicon Anime Expo Official Website

This Izumicon Anime Expo Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Cosplay Costume Provided by Dallas Vintage Shop

Quote from Izumicon Anime Expo Organizers, Ladder Entertainment LLC,

“Izumicon Anime Expo is also under new ownership. Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are for what we have in store.  :)  Getting back to its roots, Izumicon Anime Expo 2018 is back at its old stomping grounds at Midwest City’s Reed Center, which means free parking and lower costs for you!

This is the third annual seminar organized by Ladder Entertainment LLC. Every year we invite specialists and strive to provide the optimal conditions for sharing thoughts and experience. We invite you to check the seminar schedule and select the workshops that most interest you. You must register to participate in the seminar. Registration closes on the Friday before the seminar.

What is Izumicon Anime Expo?

We are an annual anime convention held in the Oklahoma City (OKC) metro area. Our goal is to promote cultural awareness through popular media such as anime, manga, and music.”

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