Iconic Hollywood Ladies Hats, Marlene Dietrich, ‘The Devil is a Woman’

Get Iconic Hollywood Ladies Hats, Marlene Dietrich Costumes and Hats, Hollywood Movie Starlet Costumes & Hats, Golden Ace of Hollywood Hats and Mad Hatter's Tea Hats at Dallas Vintage Shop

Our collection of Iconic Hollywood Ladies Hats, like this Marlene Dietrich, ‘The Devil is a Woman’ Movie hat is at Dallas Vintage Shop.

See the largest collection of Iconic Hollywood Ladies Hats in the Dallas Metroplex at Dallas Vintage Shop. You will find many one of a kind, specific Hollywood Character themed hats that we make especially for the Dallas Arboretum Mad Hatter’s Tea & Luncheon or for the Kentucky Derby and many Tea Parties and Social Events in Dallas. Many of the Hollywood Iconic hat recreations are limited to one per season. That keeps very specific hats from showing up at the same event. We also customize your fabulous, already gorgeous hat right at the time of purchase from our unbelievably enormous supply of beautiful, pre-made hat embellishments created from an assortment of exotic feathers, fabulous flowers, large & small, interesting netting, tool & horse hair materials and sometimes amazing & complimentary broaches. We absolutely want to help you make sure your hat is a unique, individualized creation.
Choose from a huge assortment of  Iconic Hollywood Movie Star’s hats including the Marlene Dietrich hat and costume shown here. Nobody, anywhere has more Hollywood Movie Starlet costumes & hats, Golden Age of Hollywood hats and Mad Hatter’s Tea hats than Dallas Vintage Shop.
Marlene Dietrich is a major Hollywood Icon, famous for her array of gorgeous, if not unusual hats. We have many of those Marlene Dietrich inspired hats as well as other Hollywood Iconic Starlet hats, Old Hollywood Movie Star hats, Hollywood Famous Character hats and all of the Golden Age of Hollywood costumes & hats you can imagine. These Vintage Hollywood Diva hats range from exclusive celebrity status ones to median and economy priced hats that fit your budget, and there is always a huge supply in stock, all year round.

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