Historical Clerical Costumes, St. Nicholas & Other Saints Liturgical Costumes

Historical Clerical Costumes

Our Shop has Historical Clerical Costumes & Traditional Holiday Religious Characters Outfits for Iconic Saints, Famous Clergy, Patron Saints, Liturgical Pope & Bishops Costumes, Hebrew Rabbis & More.

We are the DFW source for Historical Clerical Costumes & Accessories for Holidays, Holy Days, Famous Protestant Ministers, Catholic Popes, Bishops & Saints, Jewish Rabbis, OT Prophets, Apostles and all other Religion or Denominations Iconic Historical, Mythical, Movie or TV Show Characters. This Saint Nicholas Liturgical Costume is Pageant or Parade Worthy. We also have Median & Economy Priced Costumes. We have the Clerical Mitres, Staffs, Rods, Stoles, Robes, Sashes, Crosses, Rosaries, Crucifixes, Iconic Jewelry, Beards & Wigs, Gowns, Ephods, Aprons, Tunics, Cloaks, Vestments, Head Pieces, Veils and other Religious Clerical Accessories you can imagine. Get Complete Religious Clerical Costumes or just the pieces you need. We keep our Clerical Attire in stock all year round. Get all the Religious Characters & Iconic Holiday Costumes you need, all in one place.

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