Hawaiian Luau Theme Parties: Pearl Harbor, WWII Military Hawaiian Attire

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Hawaiian Luau Costume Theme Party Ideas, include this Ben Affleck, Capt. Rafe McCawley Costume from ‘Pearl Harbor,’ the Movie about the WWII bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Hawaiian Luau Theme Parties are great but if you have a more Specific Hawaiian Theme it’s even better. Build your Hawaiian Luau around Classic Movies, Characters or Historical Eras. The Blockbuster Movie, Pearl Harbor, with Ben Afflick and other 1940’s Characters has Amazing Costumes for creating the perfect Hawaiian Luau Theme. Other Hawaiian Luau Themes could be ‘Blue Hawaii’ Gidget or Gigdget or Gidget Goes Hawaiian and we have 50’s & 60’s Costumes that are perfect for this Historical & Cultural Fashions.
Hawaiian Luau Theme Parties can also be centered around TV Shows like Gilligan’s Island or other Hawaiian Television Show Characters. A Hawaiian USO Pool Party or Hanger Dance Tropical Luau Theme is another fantastic Idea. Whatever Hawaiian Related Costume Ideas you come up with, we will have the Costumes you need. We have Hawaiian Theatrical Costumes, Hawaiian Historical Period Attire and more Hawaiian Luau Costumes & Accessories Than anyone in the DFW area.

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