Harriet Tubman Black History Month Costume, Former Slave, Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman Black History Month, Kids Black Historical People Costumes, Black History Important People Costume Ideas, Costumes & Period Clothing.

This Harriet Tubman, Black History Month Costume is a depiction of Harriet Tubman’s efforts to free slaves via the Underground Railroad. We have Black Historical Character Costumes & Ideas in stock all year round at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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HARRIET TUBMAN: from the Black History Month Costume Collection at Dallas Vintage Shop

We are headquarters for Black History Month Character Costumes for School Projects, Parades or Theatrical Productions. This Harriet Tubman, former Slave & Abolitionist Historical Costume, from Dallas Vintage Shop is just one of  many Historical Black American Costumes in stock, all year round. We are the Encyclopedia of Black History Month Famous Character Costume Ideas.  Nobody has more Black Historical Period Clothing, Accessories, Wigs, Makeup, Special Effects and even Facial Hair for any Black Historical Character you need for Kid’s or Adults.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH AMERICANS: Period Clothing & Costumes for Children & Adults.

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