Harley Quinn Movie Version Costume, New Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume

Got the latest Harley Quinn Costume? Here is the new Harley Quinn Suicide Squad 2016 Movie Costume. We have many versions of Harley Quinn and other DC & Marvel Super Villain Characters and Super Heroes too. Your choices are unlimited and we are open all year round so please shop early for Halloween. We won’t run out of costumes but we will become more and more crowded as online and local costume shops run out of inventory or choices. Try to shop before October. If you wait until October, remember, shop early in the month, early in the week and early in the day. This rule applies the closer to Halloween you wait. Also, allow yourself plenty of time to browse, explore, dream and try on your costume options. The later you wait the more time you’ll need to spend in our shop. You don’t want to rush the experience. Relax and enjoy. Our customers are learning that the shopping experience at Dallas Vintage Shop is a fun part of the costuming intrigue.

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