GUAYABERA SHIRT: Largest Selection, Colors, Styles, Cuban, Wedding, Costumes, Accessories

Guayabera Shirt, men's clothing Dallas, Cuban Guayabera Shirt Selection, xl & plus sizes.

Guayabera Shirt or complete Guayabera outfit ideas for International attire, Cuban attire, wedding attire and theme party costumes. Get the most amazing hats, canes and other accessory ideas here.

Guayabera Shirt: Perfect for Weddings, Fashion & Theme Parties

The Guayabera shirt is fashionable resort wear and its great for costume theme parties. You will find every color and size you can imagine at Dallas Vintage Shop and we keep plenty of selection in stock all year round. Why order online when you can come into our shop and try on for yourself before you buy.

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Guayabera Shirt: Fashion Accessory Ideas

Look great in a Guayabera shirt. Some may considered Guayaberas a ‘low key’ fashion style. However, we can help you convert that relaxed, casual look into a rich socialite resort dweller getup. Wearing Guayaberas is a lifestyle for many and our hats will complement. You must see our huge selection of straw, cotton, paper & palm; skinny or wide brim fedoras, pork pies, diamond crowns & panama style hats that will give you the golf pro, derby gent, Cuban wedding guest or outdoor special occasions fashion statement you want.

Guayabera Shirt Special Occasion & Costume Ideas

If you are going to a Havana Nights party, a tropical themed event or if you are a musician or street artist, we have the hats and spring fashion Ivy & Newsboy caps that are absolutely going to suit your taste and look great with your Guayabera. You have to come see Texas’ largest selection of walking canes, ascots, sunglasses, whisky flasks, vintage cigarette cases, lighters, gentlemen’s gold & silver colored necklaces, watches, bracelets & rings to really, really top off any kind of fashion statement you want to make.

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