Golden Age of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Hat for the Mad Hatters Tea.

DFW's Best Golden Age of Hollywood Hat Shop for Mad Hatters Tea, 'Golden Age of Hollywood' Theme, Dallas Arboretum. Find Huge Selection of Old Hollywood Glamorous Hats in stock.

Get Mad Hatters Tea, The Golden Age of Hollywood, Dallas Arboretum Event Hats & Hat Suggestions at Dallas Vintage Shop. You will find many one of a kind hats that were made just for this event. These Old Hollywood inspired hats have already been selling, but don’t worry, we have many more. Our hat selection is virtually unlimited. We can help you customize your Mad Hatter Tea Party Hat right here on the spot.

This Mad Hatters Tea & Luncheon, Golden Age of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Hat from ‘The Hat Sitting’ is perfect for the Dallas Arboretum’s Mad Hatters Tea.
We have Dallas’ largest hat collection and we are ready for the Mad Hatters Tea this year. This year’s ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ Themed Fundraiser will have the usual Hat Competition and nobody has better hat ideas than Dallas Vintage Shop. Get your own Vintage Hollywood inspired Movie Star Hat Recreation from our Silver Screen Inspired Hats.
You will find DFW’s Best Hat Shop for Mad Hatters Tea and The Golden Age of Hollywood Theme is right up our alley. Stand out at the Dallas Arboretum with a glamorous or enormous hat that you can customize if you prefer, right here at the time of purchase. We are well prepared with the most unbelievable flower collection, feather collection and broach collection. We have created large and small corsages to clip or clue onto your hats too. These are ready for you to choose from and ready for you to add to your hat. These hat additions are beautiful unto themselves as they are made of feathers, netting, tool, flowers, horse hair embellishments along with many fresh and pretty features. These hat adornments come is all colors and sizes imaginable.  Find gigantic modern fashion hats or Old Hollywood Glamorous Hats in stock, all year round. Take an unbelievable large or beautiful hat home with you today. Prices range from Celebrity Status Exclusive Hats to Median and Economy prices.
Get the Mad Hatters Tea and Luncheon hat of your dreams. Let Dallas Vintage Shop open up The Golden Age of Hollywood, Dallas Arboretum Hat Collection for you.

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