Famous Pirates Costumes: Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Outfit, Quality Pirate Shirts, Pirate Vests & Pirate Swords

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We have some fun, festive Pirate Costumes like this Bartholomew Roberts Outfit. Dallas Vintage Shop carries a large selection of pirate swords, pirate pistols, pirate knives, scabbards and frogs for your pirate weapons, pirate cutlasses, flintlocks, blunderbusses and we have a very large selection of sword belts & baldrics to carry them with them. We have pirate wigs & hats, boots & boot covers, pirate vests & shirts, pirate britches, pirate beards, pirate eye patches, pirate tankards & mugs, pirate jewelry & earrings for men and ladies and so much more. Get entire pirate costumes or just the pieces & accessories you need. Get very high quality or economy priced items. No place has more pirate garb and gear than us.

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