What to wear to a Formal Masquerade Ball; A Guide for Women and Men’s Masquerade Attire

Wearing the right outfit to an event is very important to a lot of people these days, especially if it’s the first time they have been to that type of event. These first few posts are for those who just aren’t sure what to wear to a Formal Masquerade Ball, especially if there is not a specific time period or theme included.

If your invite says a particular theme, check out the links on the far right of this page and click on the theme or time period that it mentions to find a lot of inspiration for your outfit. Also, look at the type of party the invite mentions. If the invite says Cocktail then you need a shorter cocktail dress, but if the invite says Gala or Formal Masquerade Ball, look for a long, gorgeous, formal dress. Even if there is no theme or time period, vintage formal clothing never goes out of style!

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