Florence Nightingale Costume: English, Founder of Modern Nursing

This Florence Nightingale Costume is just a sample of the kind or Historical Character Outfits we can provide for you. Nightingale, the English Nurse during Crimean War was famous because she was a Social Reformer, Statistician & Founder of Modern Nursing. Here you will find all the period attire for any historical characters you can think of. We have the Historical Period Costumes, all the wigs, makeup and all the accessories necessary to portray anyone, girl or boy, man or woman, any decade, any century. Here is an example of just a few related costume ideas we keep in stock: British Historical People Costumes, Famous Historical Women, Crimean War Period Attire, Costumes & Period Attire for International Festivals for Adults or Kids, Complete Theatrical & Historical Costume Wardrobes or just Accessories, School History Projects, Quality or Economy Complete Outfits or just the pieces or accessories you need. We are open all year.

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