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DFW Summer Events, Outdoor Festical Events, Costume, Cosplay & Anime Evnets: Dates & Times, Tickets, Locations, Schedules & Listings for all of the Dallas, North Texas Area Summer Evnets & Beyond.

Our DFW Summer Events Listings include a wonderful Summer Renaissance Festival that is great for Family Friendly Fun and many more Fun Events. Attend Unique Outdoor Events that are special because they are Costume Events. Dress yourself and the kiddos up, This cute little Fairy Costume illustrates the Shadow Renaissance Festival, a cool but little known, Summer Event you will thoroughly Enjoy. But this is just one Event you’ll find on our Dallas Summer Events Schedule that is packed full of ‘out of the ordinary’ Summer Event Ideas.

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Have a blast at these Unique Summer Events. This adorable Fairy, shown above, is going to the Shadow Renaissance Festival which offers fun for the whole family. You will definitely want to attend the LeakyCon SUMMER EVENT, which is the largest ever celebration of Harry Potter & Hogwarts. Harry Potter Character Costumes are available at Dallas Vintage Shop. Also, the Dallas Comic Show Fantasy Festival offers you the opportunity to dress up in Costumes. This is your chance to become the Super Hero you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t forget A-Kon & A-Kon Masquerade Ball. Nobody has more Anime & Cosplay Costumes than Dallas Vintage Shop. All Event Listings below include Event information for Dallas Summer Events that are Costume Events. For your convenience we’ve included Event Descriptions, Schedules, Calendars, Dates & Times, Maps & Directions, Event Sponsors, Event History and Complete Details for these wonderful Costume Events in the Dallas & North Texas Area.

Our Summer Events DFW 2019 Listings are:

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