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Dallas Rave King, Men's Rave Lame Jumpsuit, Rave King Robes, Dallas Rave Outfits HQ is Dallas Vintage Shop.

Dallas Rave King, “I am the King of Rave!” It is undisputable, Dallas Vintage Shop Reigns Supremely when it comes to the Outrageous, Fun & Creative Rave Outfits & Gear. This Rave Royal Highness Outfit includes this Studly Metallic Lame Jumpsuit, an Oversized, Feather Trimmed Pro Wrestler Type Robe, Disco Glitter Platform Shoes, Cool & Funky Goggles and a Killer Feather Mohawk Headpiece. SEE MORE: Dallas Rave Clothing & Accessories

SEE MORE: Dallas Rave Clothing & Accessories


Meet the Dallas King of Rave! We will treat you like Rave Royalty! Get Men or Ladies Body Suits & Jumpsuits: Lame, Spandex, Latex, Hologram, Metallic  Sci Fi, & even Mesh & Fishnet Fabrics. Get Unbelievable Rave Royalty Cloaks, Capes, Hoodies, Robes & Wings. Find Tall Feather Neck Collars, Feather Crowns & Headpieces & Feather Trimmed, Oversized Sheer Robes for Pro Wrestlers & Rave Royalty. Add Glitter Platform Shoes and Funky Goggles and what you have is just one more killer Rave Outfit from  Dallas Vintage Shop. Your Rave Clothing Possibilities are Limitless.


DALLAS RAVE ROYALTY ATTIRE: Lame & Metallic Clothing & Accessories

Included in our Rave Clothing is Lame & Metallic Clothing & Accessories Collection is; Metallic Men’s Disco Shirts, Men’s Metallic Pants, Metallic Jump Suits & Morph Suits, Metallic Mini Shirts & Dresses, Metallic Bell Sleeve Blouses & Dresses, Metallic Hot Pants, Metallic Stretch Leggings in many colors, Metallic Crop Top Puffer Jackets, Metal Chain Sexy Drape Tops, Metallic Skirts that are very Futuristic & Utopian, Metallic Bucket Hats, Metallic & Lame Gloves for Men or Ladies, Metallic Tinsel Boas, Metallic & Sequin Headbands, Metallic Hair Accessories including Scrunchies, Metallic Hair Tinsel, Metallic Tinsel Skirts, Metallic Belts & Heavy Metal Rocker Belts, Metallic Corsets, Metallic & Sequin Visors & Hats, Metallic Fanny Packs, Metallic Disco Drop Chain, Cross Body Purses and last but not least, Metallic, Very Fancy, Iridescent, Spiked & Studded Captain Hats. We have a lot more but that’s enough to give you an idea of what we have.

And…that is just for starters…Take some time to browse our complete menu and you will see what we can do for you.

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