CUSTOM DESIGNED Face Masks: Made from Scratch, Local Shop Designs & Creates Cloth Face Masks to order.

Custom Designed Face Masks, Special Order DFW Seamstress makes Cloth Face Masks for Special Occasions, Custume Made to Order Face Masks at Dallas Vintage Shop.

We do special request Custom Designed Face Masks for Themed Weddings, Themed Events, Special Receptions and we make from scratch Cloth Face Masks to match your outfit or costume for theme parties.


Want Custom Designed Face Masks that are professionally sewn by our seamstress & created by our costume designer. We do Make to Order Cloth Face Masks for your Wedding, Corporate Gala, Special Reception, or to match your Theme Party Costume. We’ll design and sew, in house, the Cloth Face Covering that will compliment & enhance your Special Event.

Professional Seamstress, Local Costume Shop offers CUSTOM DESIGNED FACE MASKS

Our Custom Designed, Custom Made Face Masks can be made from your own fabric, trim or embellishments or choose from our large selection. You or your group can LOOK GREAT & BE SAFE during any event or activity.

CUSTOM DESIGNED FACE MASKS for Any Occasion, Event or Costume

Let us create your Custom Designed Face Masks for Formal Events; Wedding Bride, Groom, Court & Guests; Receptions or Festive Theme or Parties & Events. YOUR FACE MASK CAN BECOME A PART of the CELEBRATION rather than a distraction.

Create thoughtful & timely Covid 19 Mitigating, Company Face Mask Gift Sets or choose Matching Face Mask Lanyards, Hand Sanitizer Key Chains or other accessories for your special private or company events.

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