Bright, Colorful Feather Mohawks for Dragon’s Halloween Ball

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We have the Coolest and most Colorful Dragon’s Ball Attire in the DFW Area! Bright, Colorful Feather Mohawks are extremely popular and we carry several high-quality colors and styles. These are not a cheap, sewn feather like a boa, each one is attached and does not simply come out by shaking. Find all kinds of Dragons Ball Costumes and Ideas at Dallas Vintage Shop! We have many fantastic outfits or headpieces that we customize for you right in our shop. There are giant Feathers, Skulls, Plumes, Mystical, Flowing or Exotic decorative items to add to this or other great headpieces. There is no limit to the costume you can create for yourself when you come in.

Find more info about this year’s Dragons Halloween Ball: Here


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