Colonial Throwback Thursday; 70’s Attire is at Dallas Vintage Shop.

This Colonial Throwback Thursday Outfit for Celeb Golfers and Golf fans, like this Throwback Colonial Costume is in stock and many 70's Vintage Outfits are available.

Colonial ‘Throwback Thursday’ 70’s Outfits are at Dallas Vintage Shop. We have enough 70’s Vintage Clothing, 70’s Costumes & Accessories to outfit the entire Colonial PGA Tour Roster and all the Spectators too. Welcome, Colonial Golfers and Guests to DFW!

This Colonial ‘Throwback Thursday’ Outfit, which is perfect for Celeb Golfers or Golf Fans, is only one of our 70’s Throwback Vintage Ensembles in stock.  It is ridiculous how many other 70’s Costume Suggestions are available.
Here’s what Charles Schwab Challenge ‘Throwback Thursday’ Golf Pros & Golf Fans will find: Excellent 70’s Vintage Clothing, 70’s Throwback Men’s Leisure Suits, 70’s Shirts, Pants & Belts, Celebrity Status Quality 70’s Suits, 70’s Style Golf Caps, Cabby Caps & Hats, 70’s Sunglasses, 70’s Gold Chain Necklaces & Costume Jewelry, Ladies and Men’s Disco Attire, Ladies 70’s Vintage Dresses, Skirts, Blouses & Jumpsuits, Sexy Mini Dresses, Modest 70’s Dresses & Pant Suits and Go Go Boots.  We even have 70’s Hairdo Wigs for Ladies and Men. For Men we have the ‘Used Car Salesman’ and Handle Bar Mustaches. Get Celebrity Status Quality Outfits, Economical and Moderately Priced Complete Outfits or just the Costume Pieces you need. Dallas Vintage Shop is the most comprehensive Period Costume Shop in the Metroplex and arguably on the planet. That’s why folks from LA, New York, Chicago, London & Dubai get Costumes from us. Need Men’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ Colonial Celebrity Golfers and Golf Fan Costume Ideas? We are the Encyclopedia of Costume Ideas and we have whatever you need in stock, all in our One Stop Complete Costume Shop and we are open all year round. Get ready for the Charles Schwab Challenge, PGA Tour, ‘Throwback Thursday’ Activities with 70’s Outfits from Dallas Vintage Shop. We are ready for you.

Get Info: 2019 05/23 Throwback Thursday at the Colonial

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