CATTLE BARON’S BALL: Charity Event, Dallas Western Attire

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Goin’ to the CATTLE BARONS BALL Charity Event? It’s the Fund Raiser Charity Event for the American Cancer Society.  If you need to spruce up your Best Western Outfit come to Dallas Vintage Shop. You’ll be amazed with the quality and selection of our Western Attire.  The absolute Rule of Thumb is to wear your Cowboy Boots and Cowboy or Girl Hats. The rest is up to you. Do you want to go Western Formal, Cowboy Chic, Texas Showboat Outrageous or just add a Vintage Western, Victorian or Old West Historical Twist to your Cattle Baron’s Ball Getup? We can help. We have Vintage Crease Cowboy & Cowgirl Hats, Vintage Old School Western Wear and Accessories like: Unique Pointy Toe Eclectic Western Boots, Old West and Cowboy Preachers String Bow Ties, Gaudy and Vintage Bolo Ties, Riverboat Gambler 3 Pc, and 2 Pc. Suits and Western Blazers, Western Leather or Suede Fringe Coats & Jackets for Men and Ladies, Santa Fe & Rancher Style Suits, Clothing & Accessories and so many Cattle Baron’s Ball Outfit Ideas you would just not believe. The sky is the limit because we have the most Interesting Cattle Baron’s Ball Clothing Choices and the most Eclectic, Creative and Unique Western Attire and Accessories in the Metroplex.  You can go Subtle or go Big at the Cattle Baron’s Ball. You’ll see it all. Would you rather blend in, play it safe or do you prefer to make a splash? We have everything you need, in stock and we are open all year round.

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What to Wear to the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

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