Burlesque, Vaudevillian, Victorian, Master of Ceremonies Gentleman’s Attire

Look at our Burlesque Attire, Vaudevillian Attire, Victorian Carnival Attire & Victorian Cabaret Attire we have in stock. Find Victorian Cabaret Attire, Victorian Attire, Show Biz Attire. We have Vintage Show Biz Attire, 1800's Gentlemen's Attire, Victorian Circus Attire. Get Victorian Carny Attire, Victorian Ring Master Attire, Edwardian Gentleman's Attire here.

Look at this Burlesque, Vaudevillian, Victorian, Master of Ceremonies Gentleman’s Show Biz Attire. If you are putting together that just right, eclectic costume for a Old Fashioned or Yesteryear Themed Activity, we have ideas for you. Create a Dapper Formal Victorian Era Showman Outfit or a costume for an Overdressed Highly Suspect Snake Oil Salesman. We have everything you need. Find eye-catching outfits that will make an impression at any Burlesque, Cabaret, Victorian or Vintage Circus Themed Party or Event. Look no further than Dallas Vintage Shop. You’ll find endless choices for both men and women when you need to create a sexy or classy ensemble for Burlesque Shows, Vaudeville Style Productions, Victorian Carnivals, Vintage Cabaret Events, Show Biz Presentations or Old West Reenactments. This Snake Oil Salesman Outfit will get your the attention you want. We have the most diverse, the absolute largest and definitely the most eclectic selection of Victorian, Edwardian, Old West, 1800’s Carny or other Historical and Theatrical Period Attire in the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area.

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