British Father Christmas Attire, Father Christmas Deluxe Costume

Father Christmas Deluxe Costume, British Father Christmas Attire, Christmas Characters Santa & Father Christmas

This Father Christmas Deluxe Costume is the British Traditional Father Christmas Attire. We have any Christmas Characters you can think of like Santa & Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Mrs. Santa, Elves, Carolers, Biblical Nativity Characters, Classic Christmas Movie Characters and more.


We have two British Father Christmas Costume Versions on this website but we can help you create the Father Christmas Costume you want. Get Historical, British, European, German, Victorian or Traditional Versions of Father Christmas or Santa Clause Costumes. From Rustic Father Christmas to British Aristocratic Father Christmas Costume Idea, we have what you want.

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This British Father Christmas Costume is just one example of the many Christmas Holidays Favorite Costumes we keep in stock. You can get our Father Christmas Rustic Wreath Head Piece and Supreme Quality Father Christmas Wigs & Beards. This Luxurious Hunter Green Velvet Father Christmas Hooded Robe is Trimmed in Ultra Quality Faux Fur and Wide Gold Regal Trim. We even have Father Christmas Gloves in many colors, Tall Santa Boots & this Deluxe Golden Rope Belt with Beautiful Tassels. If you are looking for quality Christmas Attire for all the most popular Christmas Characters, then you have just found what you are looking for here at Dallas Vintage Shop.


Nobody in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area can beat our Supreme Father Christmas Costume. Also, nobody has a Larger or More Diverse Collection of Santa Clause Suits and Christmas Characters than Dallas Vintage Shop. You will find Mrs. Clause, Santa’s Elves, Christmas Carolers, Victorian Christmas Attire & all your favorite Christmas Movie Characters like Buddy the Elf, Scrooge, Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and so many more. We even have all the Christmas Biblical Characters you can think of.


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