Black History Biddy Mason: From Slave to Wealthy Philanthropist…

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This Black History, Bridget ‘Biddy’ Mason, Kid’s Costume depicts her 1700 mile walk behind a wagon train, from Mississippi to Utah. As a slave, her duties were setting up and breaking down camp, driving the cattle, trail nurse & midwife, camp cook & tending the 3 children of her owner. Her owners later moved to California, a ‘free state,’ with her and there she petitioned for her freedom. She eventually became wealthy through real estate, organized the first A.M.E. Church and was a notorious philanthropist. There are many other Children’s Black History Month Outfits at Dallas Vintage Shop. Get all the Historical Costumes for Adults and Kid’s you could possibly need.

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BLACK HISTORY Characters for KID’S COSTUMES: Biddy Mason & Other Important Black Americans.

From Former Slaves who became Abolitionist and from Black Activists to Iconic Black Artists, our shop has any Black Historical Characters you will ever need. When you need Kid’s Black History Month Outfits for School Projects, Parades or Theatrical Productions, Dallas Vintage Shop has whatever you need. You will find unlimited Black History Month Famous Character Costume Ideas for Girls, Boys and Adults.  Get all the Period Clothing, Hats, Wigs, Jewelry, Makeup, Special Effects and even Facial Hair for any Black Historical Character imaginable. Get head to toe Child Black Historical Character Costumes or just the accessories you need.

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Welcome to Black History Month Costume Headquarters. Nobody has more Black History Month Kid’s Costume Ideas than Dallas Vintage Shop. The hundreds of historical outfits you see on this website is just a fraction of the character costumes we keep in stock all year round.

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