Berets: French Berets, Fashion Berets, Wool Berets in All Colors

We have Berets for Fashion, French Attire, Costumes, Historical, Military, Costumes, Vintage Attire & in all Colors at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Berets are not just for the French. Beatniks love Berets and so do Mimes, Gondoliers, Scottish Highlanders, Historical & Military Personnel and Men in Kilts, all need Berets and Dallas Vintage Shop has them in all colors & styles imaginable. SEE MORE: Berets


SEE MORE: Berets

Find all the Berets you need in any color you can imagine, including: Black, Off White, Ivory, Camel, Brown, Red, Maroon, Burgundy, Raspberry, Pale Green, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Gray, Lt, Med or Dark Gray and More. Our Berets are great for Fashion Statements, Beatniks, Theatrical Costumes, Theme Parties, Historical Events and for Civil Servants or Military Uniforms.

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BERETS: Great for ‘Bastille on Bishop’ Celebration in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff in Dallas

SEE MORE: Bastille Day Costumes from Dallas Vintage Shop.

“Viva le Quatorze Juillet!” We have Bastille Day Outfits, French Costumes, Berets, Gondolier Attire, Classic French Outfits, Famous & Historical French Character Costumes are at Dallas Vintage Shop. DALLAS BASTILLE DAY EVENT WEBSITE: ‘Bastille on Bishop’ INFO

DALLAS VINTAGE SHOP: Berets for Historical, Theatrical or International Costume Events & Theme Parties.

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