EVENT INFO: Bastille Day on Bishop @ Bishop Arts District, Dallas TX, July 14: French Inspired Costumes & Attire

Here is EVENT INFO for Bastille on Bishop @ Bishop Arts District, Dallas Oak Cliff Events Costume Ideas Here.

EVENT INFO: Bastille Day on Bishop, Bishop Arts District, Oak Cliff, Dallas TX, July 14. Get all the Info you need about this Costume Friendly Event below. Experience Fun, Food, Shopping, Wine Tasting & More, WEAR French Berets, French Inspired Costumes & Attire, THIS IS FUN.  Get Costumes & IDEAS from our HUGE COLLECTION of French Attire. SEE MORE: Bastille Day Costumes from Dallas Vintage Shop.  GET MORE BASTILLE ON BISHOP INFO Go to: Bastille Day on Bishop  Website.


SEE MORE: Bastille Day on Bishop Costumes from Dallas Vintage Shop.

MAKE A SPLASH at the Bastille on Bishop Street Festival in this Marie Antionette Costume. Expect to see some other French Historical, Iconic or otherwise Infamous Characters. “Viva le Quatorze Juillet!” Celebrate everything French at this unique Dallas Event Experience. We have Bastille Day Outfits, French Costumes, Berets, Gondolier Attire, Classic French Outfits, Famous & Historical French Character Costumes are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Bastille Day on Bishop: About Bastille on Bishop

An annual festival in the heart of the Bishop Arts District that celebrates Oak Cliff’s unique French roots.

Bastille Day is the perfect occasion to don your best beret and join your friends for a little wine and dancing in the streets!

Bastille Day is the French National Holiday that celebrates the storming of the Bastille—a military fortress and prison—on July 14, 1789, in an uprising that helped usher in the French Revolution.

Roaming this Oak Cliff festival is fun. Go to the Official Website for tickets and information.

GET MORE BASTILLE ON BISHOP INFO Go to: Bastille Day on Bishop Website.

Tickets available. See the Bastille on Bishop website link listed above.

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