Barbie Movie Ken Fur Coat: Oversized, Very Plush White Fur Ken Doll Coat

Barbie Movie Ken Fur Coat Costume full length white fur coat complete ourfit, Bandanna, Ken Logo Fanny Pac, Ken Horse Head Necklace, Ken blonde wig and other Ken Costumes are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Get this Barbie Movie Ken Fur Coat Costume at Dallas Vintage Shop. This impressive oversized white, full length, thick, rich, white fur with black tips is killer. Also we have the black leather fanny pack with KEN logo, the gold horse head pendant necklace, quality blonde Ken wig, bandanna & sunglasses. We have all the other Ken outfits in stock form the Barbie Movie too.

Barbie Movie Ken Fur Coat

This Barbie Movie Ken Fur Coat is the Dojo Mojo Mojo Casa House, Oversized, Very Plush White Fur Ken Doll Coat is a favorite Ken Costume. We also have all the other items you need like the black leather fanny pack with white “KEN” logo, the quality blonde Ken wig, bandanna, sunglasses and gold horse head pendant necklace. We can hook you up with all the Ken doll character outs from the movie and all the Barbie outfits from the movie also.


Ken White Fur Coat & other 2023 Ken from Barbie Movie Costumes

What Barbie Movie Ken character outfit is your favorite? We have plenty of choices for you in all sizes and we have a plethora of upgrades and accessories that you cannot imagine, Get the Ken doll white fur trench coat outfit or the Ken & Barbie matching rollerblade costumes and accessories. We also have the fabulous gold horse head pendent necklace for ken or the Ken disco scene outfit.

Barbie & Ken Movie Costumes & Everything…

This high quality oversized, white plush fur with black tips, Ken doll trench coat will blow you away. Or, check out our Ken doll groovy white disco outfit or the Ken doll rollerblade ensemble to match Barbie’s. Whatever your favorite Barbie movie character, we have the costumes.

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