Barbershop Quartet Attire, Skimmer Hats, Patriotic Costumes, Memorial Day Costumes

Nobody has more Barbershop Quartet Attire than we do. Welcome to the Barbershop Quartet Revival of the 1940s. The Barbershop acapella, four part tight harmony style goes farther back in history but was most prominent in the 1940s and is still common today.

We have Barber Shop Quartet Costume Supplies. Find Red and White Striped Barbershop Quartet Coats and Vests, Skimmer Hats, Boater Hats, Vintage Canes, Vintage Glasses and Spectacles, curly mustaches, Patriotic Bow Ties, Vintage Bow Ties, White Trousers and Pants, Men,s Spats, Men’s Pocket Watches, Barber Shop Quarter Arm Garters and Armbands and everything you need for Professional Musicians, Theatrical Groups, Theme Parties, Memorial Day and other Patriotic Holidays and Events.

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