American Frontiersmen Attire, Famous US Explorers & Frontiersmen Costumes

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We have excellent costumes for Lewis & Clark, Early American Explorers and Important American Frontiersmen. This Meriwether Lewis, Famous US Explorers & Frontiersmen Costume is just a sample of the Child Frontiersmen School Historical Project costumes we have in stock. We have all the Frontiersmen clothing and costumes you need for any famous American Explorers or Pioneers. From Lewis & Clark to Fur Trappers & Traders, from the California Gold Rush to Wild West Frontiersmen, we have the Period Costumes you need. You will find Super High Quality suede, leather & fur clothing and outerwear to suede cloth and faux fur & faux leather costumes for kids historical frontiersmen school projects or Halloween & theme party costumes. We have prop Frontiersmen weapons, belts, pelts, powder horns, boots & boot covers, tricorn & fur hats and even wigs, beards and makeup if you need it.

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