About Burning Man Festival 08/26-09/03

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UPDATE About Burning Man Festival @ Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, US August 26th, 2018 – September 3rd, 2018. All Burning Man Info Can Be Found Here! We Have All Your Event Tickets, Event Maps, Event Dates and Times. Burning Man Respirator Gas Mask are here! Beat the Dust in Desert with these Steampunk, Apocalyptic Masks. Discover all your Burning Man Gask Masks, Goggles, Hats, and Accessories Needs at Dallas Vintage Shop.

About Burning Man Festival 2018

Discover Info About Burning Man Festival 2018 Dates: August 26th, 2018 – September 3rd, 2018

Burning Man Festival 2018 Location: Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, US

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Quote From Burning Man Organizers,

“Burning Man Project’s mission is to produce the annual event known as Burning Man and to guide, nurture and protect the more permanent community created by its culture. Our intention is to generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society.

We believe that the experience of Burning Man can produce positive spiritual change in the world. To this end, it is equally important that we communicate with one another, with the citizens of Black Rock City and with the community of Burning Man wherever it may arise. Burning Man is radically inclusive, and its meaning is potentially accessible to anyone.

The touchstone of value in our culture will always be immediacy: experience before theory, moral relationships before politics, survival before services, roles before jobs, embodied support before sponsorship. Finally, in order to accomplish these ends, Burning Man must endure as a self-supporting enterprise that is capable of sustaining the lives of those who dedicate themselves to its work. From this devotion spring those duties that we owe to one another.

We will always burn the Man.

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