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90's Skater Punk, 90's Cliques Fashions, 90's Skaters, 90's Punks, 90's Alternative Styles, 90's Costume Ideas are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

This 90’s Skater Punk Outfit represents just one of the groupie-clique-lifestyle trends that started in the 90’s. Safety in numbers? You kinda stay in your clique and dress that way. These groups lasted into the 2000’s.


If you were in school in the 90’s & early 2000’s you remember the 90’s Cliques. The Skaters & Slackers, the Punks & Goths, the Nerds & Geeks, the Athletics & Jocks and of course the Rich & Posh Kids. A lot of the 90’s Movie Themes centered around these lifestyle characters or cliques. Guess what, we have innumerable 90’s Blockbuster Movie Iconic Characters Costumes that are all based on 90’s lifestyles that have been stereotyped by Hollywood. When it comes to 90’s Theme Parties, nobody on earth can beat Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Maybe you’d rather dress like your favorite Pop Musician or Band from the 1990’s. Dallas Vintage Shop is the Encyclopedia of Costumes and that applies to 90’s Cliques, 90’s Trends or 90’s TV Show Characters, Celebrities & 90’s Rock Stars. Come get your new favorite costume. If you want 90’s Clothing & Fashions, Accessories, Wigs & Jewelry, we’ve got more than you can imagine.

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