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80's Style Ladies Costumes, Racks & Racks of Ladies 80s Clothing at Dallas Vintage Shop,

We have more 80’s Style Ladies Costumes than all the other stores in Dallas Combined. The Variety is unbelievable.

This is one part of one row of 80s Vintage Clothing and Costumes. We have 4 very long rows, stacked double-high with costume ideas such as: Miami Vice, Madonna, Cindi Lauper, Twisted Sister, Kiss, Michael Jackson punk rock, 80’s formals, Members Only, Izod’s, jump suits, Michael Jackson, mullets, Dynasty, jewelry, preppy, nerd, spandex, platforms, deck shoes, leg warmers, denim jackets, denim and lace, lace gloves, crinolines, lace and fishnet stockings, parachute pants, pleather, plastic, tank-tops, pastels, net-shirts, mesh-shirts and jersey’s, chokers, plaids, flash-dance, berets, sequins cups, lace jackets, wigs, bangles and so much more.

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