Steampunk Miss Adventurer

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Steampunk Miss Adventurer Costume

Creative Steampunk.  She was born the last child of the wealthiest family in late 1800’s London and. . . she hated it there.  It didn’t hurt however, that her families status and money afforded her whatever she wanted.  Having unbelievable political and financial power, Daddy bought her a territory, actually a small country, on a nearby continent as one or her graduation presents.  Although her mother thought it a ludicris gift, it was what the daughter had requested.  Unfortunately, the land was desolate and rugged.  The few people who lived there were uncivilized if not savage.  Fearfully, the family allowed her to stay there, only on a temporary basis, of course.  But the lifestyle, oddly enough, fit her perfectly and made Daddy’s girl very happy.  She decided to stay.  Since she owned the entire country she passed an irrevocable law and became the permanent sheriff.

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