70’s Vintage Fashions, Gunne Sack Dresses, West Coast 70’s Attire

Look at these 70's Gunne Sack Dresses, which are in stock at Dallas Vintage Shop.

70’s Gunne Sack Dresses, like these shown here are great for Vintage 70’s West Coast Fashions.

Many Styles of 70’s Gunne Sack Dresses in stock at Dallas Vintage Shop, like the ones shown here are always available and we are open all year round. You will a Huge Variety & Selection of the most wonderful Gunny Sack Dresses you have ever seen and we have them in all sizes.
70’s Gunne Sax, Jessica McClintock Dresses for 70’s West Coast Fashions and 70’s Theme Parties, like the ones shown in the Dallas Vintage Shop Photo are abundant.
70’s Gunne Sack Dresses, like these, are becoming hard to find. These Vintage 70’s West Coast Fashion dresses are perfect for 70’s Garden Parties, 70’s New Bohemian Fashions and even for Pioneer, Peasant and Renaissance Maiden Costumes. Use them for Tavern Wenches, Theatrical Productions, Theme Parties and Fairy Tale Costumes. We have the Hippie or New Bohemian Fashion Jewelry, Wigs and Fashion Accessories you need to complete the look you want.

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