20th Century Gala Gowns and Dresses

We have an incredibly huge variety of 20th century gala gowns and dresses in styles from every decade. We also have the wraps, furs, capes, shawls, coats, broaches, gloves, wigs, hats, shoes and the most amazing collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, cigarette holders and cases to compliment.

In addition to Vintage Gala Gowns and dresses we have some gowns and dresses in the styles of all centuries and some of the wigs, hats, gloves, gauntlets, glovelets, broaches, bracelets, necklaces, medallions, amulets, slippers, wraps, capes, bonnets, robes, coats and more to complete the look and our inventory is constantly growing and changing.

See also: Gala Balls, Vintage tuxedos, Vintage Prom, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical(neo), Victorian, Civil War

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