Dallas’ Most Comprehensive Collection of 1970’s Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Dallas Vintage Shop is the Metroplex’s Most Comprehensive Collection of 1970’s Vintage Clothing & Accessories. However, we have the largest Selection of 70’s Reproduction Clothing in Dallas, made to fit modern sizes. These amazing Vintage Clothing Reproductions are Period Correct and perfect for Theatrical Wardrobes and Quality Theme Party Costumes.

Dallas Vintage Shop supplies Dallas and the Metroplex with its largest and most comprehensive collection of 1970’s Vintage Outfits and Vintage Clothing. We have 1970’s wigs, afro wigs in many colors and styles, 70’s shag wigs, 1970’s rings and peace-sign necklaces and more Vintage jewelry and accessories than you can imagine. We have 1970’s Vintage men’s butterfly collar disco shirts, 1970’s men’s Vintage suits, 1970’s Vintage polyester flair bottom pants for men in white and many wild Vintage colors, 1970’s Vintage style zipper boots for men and wild 1970’s Vintage style platform shoes in silver, white, zebra, leopard, red-white-and-blue and more. Get 1970’s Vintage leather coats, Vintage fur coats, Vintage trench coats and more. We have 1970’s peace sign, gold medallions, gold chains necklaces and more 1970’s men’s rings than you have ever seen. We have 1970’s Vintage dresses and Vintage mini-dresses, Vintage midi-dresses and Vintage maxi-dresses. Dallas Vintage shop has more than 200 feet of rack space for 1970’s Vintage clothing for men and women. In addition to that 200 feet of racks we have tens of thousands of 1970’s Vintage style jewelry items including ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, wigs, shoes, belts, belt buckles, concert T-shirts, concert and band buttons and pins, hats and so much more for men and women in all sizes and styles. If you are looking for Vintage 1970’s clothing and Vintage costumes you have just hit the jackpot. 1970’s Vintage clothing and costumes are our #1 best selling outfits and our largest section of Vintage clothing and costumes. Please allow at least one to two hours in our store in order to see, select, assemble and try on the 1970’s Vintage outfits or 70’s period costumes that will ‘freak you out man!’

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