1970’s 1980’s Rick James Costume, Funk Artist Rick James Super Freak Outfit

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What is your favorite 70’s or 80’s Rick James Funky Outfit? We have this 1970’s 1980’s Rick James Costume and any of the Motown, Funk, Soul, Rhythn & Blues or Music Genre Artist Outfits. Our Funk Artist, Rick James, Super Freak Costume is always a 70’s & 80’s Favorite for Theme Parties. You will find all the 70’s & 80’s Spandex, 70’s & 80’s Bling, 70’s & 80’s Wigs, 70’s & 80’s Metallic Clothing, 70’s & 80’s Funky Attire 70’s & 80’s, 70’s & 80’s Musicians and more 70’s & 80’s Vintage Clothing and Costumes with all the Accessories you could possibly need. There are Elaborate, Supreme Quality Complete Outfits to put together or you can get just the 70’s & 80’s Economy or Median Priced Costumes or Costumes Pieces and Accessories you nee. Nobody in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area has more 70’s & 80’s Vintage Clothing, Costumes or Accessories than Dallas Vintage Shop. We are open all year round.


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