1950’s Men: Johnny Cash, Country Music, Famous People

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Get Complete Costumes for Famous 1950’s Men, like this Johnny Cash, Country Music Artist Costume for “I Walk the Line,’ Movie. ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ first Released in 1955, made Johnny Cash famous. The Song ‘I Walk the Line,’ was actually written & released in 1954 and later became the Album by the same name in 1964. This 1950’s Character Costume is just one example to the Quality & Diversity of our Encyclopedic Collection of 1950’s High Quality Outfits, Vintage Clothing, Retro Attire and Theatrical Costumes & Accessories we keep in stock all year round. We have the largest collection of 1950’s and other Decades Costumes in the Dallas, North Texas Area or Anywhere. Get Supreme Quality Outfits or Median & Economy Theatrical or Theme Party Costumes.

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