1950’s Historical Attire, Rosa Parks Costume, 1950’s Iconic People

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We have all the 1950’s Historical Attire, Vintage Clothing, School Project Costumes and Theatrical Costumes you could possibly need. This lovely Rosa Parks Costume is a Classic 1950’s Look. We have Complete Outfits for 50’s Iconic People, 50’s Historical Figures, 50’s Celebrities, 50’s Movie Stars, 50’s TV & Movie Characters, 50’s Broadway Hits & Theatrical Productions and all the 1950’s Period Correct Accessories you need to complete any 50’s Genre Outfit you choose. We have the largest & most comprehensive collection of 1950’s Attire in the Dallas Metroplex area and we are open all year round. Get Supreme Quality Outfits or Economy & Median Priced Costumes or just the accessories you need to fit your budget.

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