Lena Horne 1930’s Costume: Jazz Age Historical Attire, The Cotton Club Chorus Girl at age 16 in the 1930s

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We have this vintage Lena Horne Outfit composed of true Vintage Period Attire. In the 1930s, at age 16, Lena Horne joined the Chorus of the famous Cotton Club. She would go on to become one of the most celebrated American Jazz and Pop Music Singers. She was renown as a vocalist, dancer and Civil Rights Activist. Because Vintage Clothing runs so small and is so fragile, we find vintage inspired clothing for any decade or period. Our Period Costumes come in all sizes including XL and Plus Sizes in many styles. You will find other Black Heritage Famous Characters Costumes and Historical Characters Outfits from any Decade or Century. Get Supreme or Economy Costumes & Accessories, Get Complete Period Outfits or just the pieces you need.

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