1920’s Vintage Clothing

1920’s men wore many types of suits, double breasted, pin-striped, white suits or zoot-suites. Baggy, high-waist pants that were tapered at the ankle were worn with suspenders. Smoking jackets were also worn. Fedoras, felts or straws having varied creases were worn. Derbies or newsboys were sometimes worn. Two-tone shoes, wingtips and black shoes were worn. Gangsters and jazz ruled the day. Flash was in. Diamond tie tacks, lapel pins, gaudy rings pocket watches etc. was fashionable. Ties and pocked squares were bold, loud, or otherwise deco. Gangsters’ toys and other accessories were swag sticks, canes, neck scarves, machine guns, pistols, shoulder holsters and more. Ladies wore drop-waist dresses that may be glamorous, lacy or plain. Flapper dresses, floor length elegant or sleazy dresses of satins or sequins were memorable from that time. Peaky-toe, strapped, beaded, sequined shoes were worn. Satin, velvet or beaded evening purses chokers, long strings of pearls of colored beads, headbands with a plume, turbans or small hats with a broach and feather was fun. Bracelets and rings over long shoulder-length gloves, short, finger-wave hair, furs, stoles, long and longer cigarette holders and boas were glamorous.

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