1920’s High Society Dame, 1920’s Style Long Beaded Gala Gowns

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We have many 1920’s Rich, Elegant Beaded Gala Gowns in stock always. This 1920’s High Society Dame Outfit, shown here, is just one of 100’s of Sophisticated Formal Complete Costumes available. Find 1920’s Style Long Beaded Gala Gowns, Long Gloves, Cloche Hats, Long Pearls, 20’s Prohibition Era Long Cigarette Holders, 1920’s Styled Wigs, 1920’s Gala Attire & Costumes and 20’s Outfits for any occasions. We have 20’s Socialite Attire for High Society Roaring 20’s Themed Charity Gala Events, 20’s Themed Weddings and Receptions, 20’s Speakeasies, 20’s Themed Halloween Parties, Theatrical Attire or TV and Film 1920’s Period Outfits. You will not find a larger or more diverse selection of 1920’s Style Clothing in Dallas, DFW, North Texas or Anywhere else. Here we have Supreme Quality to Median & Economy Priced Costumes & Accessories. We are open all year and we are ready to get you the 1920’s Costume of your dreams.


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