1920s Jazz Era Attire, 1920s ‘Chicago’ Movie Velma Jazz Outfit

Here is a sample of our 1920s Jazz Era Attire we have in stock. We have a huge selection of 1920s 'Chicago' Movie Velma Jazz Outfits and 1920's Jazzy Velma Kelly Chicago Costume, 1920's Jazz Attire, 1920's Jazz Costumes, 1920's Jazz Age Attire, 1920's Jazz Era Clothing, 1920's Jazz Flapper Outfits, 1920's Costumes, 1920's Ladies Attire, 1920's Costume Accessories, 1920's Theatrical Attire for you.

Outfits like this Velma Kelly ‘Chicago’ 2002 Movie Costume is easy to find here. We have the largest selection of 1920’s Outfits & all the necessary 20’s Accoutrements in Dallas, North Texas and probably on the planet. Get the 20’s Opera Length Gloves in every color imaginable, Flapper Head Bands from Rhinestone Encrusted to Amazing Feather Jobs and hundreds of other 20’s Hair Adornments. We have the 20’s Shoes, Seamed Stockings, Cigarette Holders, Cases & Lighters, Flasks, Swag Sticks & Canes for 20’s Jazz Dancers Costumes and Short or Long Jazzy, Fringe, Beaded or Sequined Dresses, Shawls, Capes, Wraps & Furs to complement your 20’s Jazz Era Attire.

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