1920’s Flirtatious Flapper, 1920’s Fringe Flapper Dresses & Costumes

We have 1920's Costume Flappers, 1920's Fringe Flapper Dresses, 1920's Attire, 1920's Wigs, 1920's Quality Costumes and 1920's Fringe Flapper Dresses shown here, in stock. We also have 1920's Cigarette Holders, 1920's Flapper Head Bands, 1920's Long Pearls, 1920's Ladies Attire, 1920's Bob Wig, 1920's Costume Accessories and 1920's Shoulder Wraps too.

Look at this 1920’s Flirtatious Flapper, just a sample of the variety of 1920’s Fringe Flapper Dresses & Costumes we keep in stock all year round. These 1920’s Fringe Dresses come in a myriad of colors & styles,. Get spaghetti straps or wider straps. Find all the 1920’s Costume Accessories you need like Long Cigarette Holders, Long Strands of Pearls, Hundreds of Styles of Flapper Head Bands, Many 1920’s Style Wigs, Opera Length Gloves, Glitzy 1920’s Style Jewelry Galore and an enormous variety of Elegant, Chic, Glamorous, Fringe, Velvet, Burnout Velvet, Tasseled, Beaded, Sequined or Embroidered Shawls, Wraps & Shoulder Shrugs. We have by far, the largest and the most diverse collection of 1920’s Attire in the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area, possibly in the Universe. Our prices range from Celebrity Status, Supreme Quality Gala Attire to Median & Economy Priced Costumes that are affordable for Theatrical, Halloween Party or School Project Outfits.

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