1920’s Daisy Buchanan Inspired Costume, Rich Socialite Great Gatsby Dress

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Take a look at this Daisy Buchanan 1920’s Costume inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby.’ We have plenty of Rich Socialite 1920’s Fabulous Attire and all the Lavish Accessories this Rich New Yorker Socialite would require. Get this Great Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Inspired Dress and others of the same quality in many other colors and designs. You will certainly be impressed & inspired by the unbelievable selection we keep in stock. Get 1920’s Supreme Quality Gala Gowns, Luxurious Beaded Art Deco 20’s Flapper Dresses, exceptionally well designed 20’s Style Formal Gowns & Dresses and all the 20’s Gloves, 20’s Hair Styled Wigs, 20’s Era Jewels, Shoes & 20’s Proper Stockings. Find Celebrity Status Quality to Median & Economy Prices & the accessories to match. From School Project & Theatrical Economy Complete Outfits to ‘A Lister’ Quality Attire, we have it, it’s in stock and we are open all year round. We are Headquarters for 1920’s Costumes and Period Clothing in the Dallas, North Texas Area.

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