100 Yr. Old Teacher: 100th Day of School; Boys & Men’s Earnest Hemingway Costume

Huge supply100th Day of School Costumes for students and teachers. This 100 year old school teacher outfit is only one costume idea. Other 100th Day of School Costumes include Old People Hats, Old People Sweaters, Old Man Beards & wigs, Glasses and Slippers.

The best 100th Day of School Costumes for Teachers are at Dallas Vintage Shop. This Earnest Hemingway Costume is also great for a 100th Day of School 100 Yr. Old Teacher Costume includes one of our many Old Man Cardigan Sweaters, Old Time Newsboy Cap, Old Man Pipe, Old Man House Slippers and this Old Man Wig, Beard and Mustache. We also have Old Person Eye Glasses, Old Man Walking Canes, many other Hats & Newsboys, Other Grandpa Wigs & Mustaches, Tons of fantastic Old Person Vintage Clothing. Pipes, Pocket Watches and a lot more unique & creative 100th Day of School 100 year old Costume Ideas. Get Kids or Adult Sizes.

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