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Famous American Women Costumes for Children, Child Costumes Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady, Historical Characters Costumes for Children & Adults

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We have any Famous American Women or Mens Costumes for Children, like this very pretty Child Costume for Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady. We can help you with any Historical Characters Costumes for Children & Adults. We have the clothing, wigs, hats, gloves and every imaginable accessory.

John Adams 2nd US President Costume, Children & Adults Historical Period Attire

We have adult and child historical character costumes like this John Adams, 2nd US President Costume: First US Vice President, Successful Boston Lawyer and Political Essay Writer, US Foreign Diplomat, Father of John Quincy Adams(6th US President), Member of 1st & 2nd Continental Congress, Revolutionary War Supporter, etc. We have all the Historical Period Attire you need for any Historic, TV Historic, Historical Movie, Theatrical, Political Holiday Parade or Theme Party Costumes.

Historical George Washington Costume, Historical Characters Theatrical Attire Dallas

We have adult and child costumes. This Historical George Washington Costume is only one of the many Historical Characters available at Dallas Vintage Shop. We have the wigs, makeup, hats, shoes and all the accessories you need too.

Children & Adults Historical Abraham Lincoln Costume, Dallas Historical Period Attire

We have Children & Adults Historical Characters Costumes like this Abraham Lincoln Outfit. We have kids costume quality or adult and Children’s Quality Historical Period Attire. Don’t forget, we have all the hats, beards, wigs, faux glasses and all other accessories you will ever need, all in one place, all year round at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Child Renaissance Squire Costume: Scarborough Fair, Waxahachie, Tx

We have tons of Children’s Historic Period Costumes & Accessories. This Renaissance costume is a great costume Idea for Scarborough Fair, TRC or school historical character projects. We have Period Attire for boys, girls, ladies & men, all year round, outfits for any decade or any century, royalty to peasant class, Head to Toe or just the accessories you need.

American History Children & Adult Costumes, Clara Barton, Civil War Nurse Costume

We have plenty of American History Children’s & Adults Costumes. This Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, Civil War Nurse Costume is just one of the Famous American Women’s Costumes we have in stock, all year round. We have any Civil War Era characters, and period attire for any decade or any century of American History. Get complete outfits or just the pieces you need.

Kids Love SCARBOROUGH FAIRE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL! 4/7-5/28 2018: Kids Costume Ideas: Childrens Knight Costume

Kids Love SCARBOROUGH FAIRE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. Bring the whole family. Dates are weekends: 04/07-05/28, 2018. We’ve got enough Kids Costume Ideas for everyone.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival All Themed Weekends, Full Descriptions, Dates & Times.

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Alexander Hamilton American Forefather Costume, Historical Characters Attire Dallas

Alexander Hamilton Historical American Character Costume. We have all the American Forefathers, Presidents and any other Historical Character you can think of.

Quality Pirate Costumes for Children, Historical, Theatrical, Halloween & Theme Parties

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Here is one example of Quality PIRATE Costumes for Children’s, HISTORICAL, Theatrical, Halloween & Theme Party Costume ideas. This Pirate Costume is also a fantastic Child Parrot-head Costume. We have the best Kids Costume Ideas. You will find Pirate Period Attire for Kid’s Historical Costumes & School Projects. We have whatever you need in Pirate Costumes or Kids Theatrical Wardrobes, Kids Historical Character Costumes & Costume Accessories.

English King Henry VIII, Renaissance Child & Youth Historical Characters Costumes

We have this English King, Henry VIII, Renaissance Child & Youth Historical Character Costume. Get quality youth costumes for Renaissance Festivals, Historical School Project Characters, Scarborough Fair, Texas Renaissance Festival or for Children’s Theatrical Productions. You will find Child Historical Period Attire for any decade, century or any historical person. We are happy to provide adult & children’s costume need throughout the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area.