1970′s Foxy Disco Chick

REMEMBER: The costumes you see below are a few samples of  our 70′s costumes.  We don’t show all of the 70′s costumes we have, it would be impossible because we have 1000′s , you have to come in and see for yourself.  Come in and put your own 70′s costume together!

1970’s Disco Chick

Foxy Cleopatra. Yeah…  Baby!!!

Do you want Foxy Cleopatra Costumes, Farrah Fawcett costumes, or any other disco diva castumes we have more than you can imagine. There are many thousands of 70′s disco costumes including 70′s disco dresses, go-go boots, 70′s glitter platform sandals, 70′s hoop earrings, mod glasses, 70′s chain belts, 70′s disco scarves, 70′s jewelery including big clanky bracelets, 70′s accessories and everything you need for your disco outfit, disco costumes and accessories.  If we told you how amazing our selection is you wouldn’t believe it.

1970′s ABBA Pop Star Costume

abba pop star costume, mamma mia costume

1970′s ABBA Pop Star Costume from Dallas Vintage Shop.  We have Abba musical costumes, Abba theatrical costumes, Abba Movie costumes and all the Abba Band Members costumes you can imagine.

70′s Leisure Suit Costumes

70's Retro Clothing, 70's Polyester Liesure Suits, 70's Disco Liesure Suits Costumes

70′s Leisure Suit Costumes

1970′s Groovy Disco Costume

groovy disco dude costume, leather frindge vest

1970′s Groovy Disco Costume, Leather Fringe Vest

Dallas Vintage Shop has many of thousands of 70′s costumes and vintage clothing for the 70′s.  Vintage 70′s leather vests, reproduction leather 70′s pants, leather 70′s fringe vests, men’s 70′s polyester pants, men’s 70′s polyester shirts, Men’s 70′s afros, men’s 70′s shag wigs, men’s feathered hair wigs, mens 70′s gold medallion neclaces, men’s 70′s aviator sunglasses, men’s 70′s zipper boots, men’s platform shoes for the 70′s and way more.

1970′s Disco Dudes

disco dudes costumes

These disco dudes were staying alive in the 1970′s.

Shiny disco shirts, big collar 70′s polyester shirts, fuzzy ruffled 70′s tuxedo shirts in all colors,  70′s disco dot and sequin disco shirts in red,  silver, blue, black, red, multi-colored and more,  70′s polyester pants in wild colors and patterns,  70′s white belts, 70′s zipper boots and platforms in all colors imaginable including zebra, zebra with gold fish, leopard, leopard with goldfish, white, white with disco lights, red-white-and-silver, black and silver glitter, gold and more.  70′s wigs including shags, feathered, beach boy style, long hair straight or wavey all colors and afros in all colors and sizes with sideburns or without.  70′s moustasches, sideburns, aviators, medallion neclaces, rings and all the 70′s jewelery you can imagine.

John Travolta Outfit

John Travolta White Suit

John Travolta “Saturday Night Fever”  Disco Outfit

What’s your favorite John Travolta Movie, character, outfit? Saturday Night Fever? Urban Cowboy, Pulp Fiction? Hairspray? Pelham 123? Dallas Vintage Shop can hook you up in a big way. John Travolta suits, John Travolta hairdos and John Travolta costumes are in abundance here. We have outfits for any of your favorite celebs. Come check us out.

1970′s Rick James

rick james costume

1970′s Rick James Costume

1970’s Disco Couple costumes

70's disco couple costumes
1970’s Disco Couple Costumes.

We have many 70′s outfits for couples that want to match or even go very matchy-matchy pukie-pukie.


1970’s Disco Diva Outfit

70s disco diva dress
1970’s Disco Diva outfit.

There are many styles, colors and sizes of ladies 70′s disco jumpsuits for sale with the perfect matching 70′s shoes, 70′s ladies wigs including;  feathered, shags, straight or wavey, long or short, mod, with or without bangs.  We have many styles of ladies 70′s sunglasses, scarves, belts, go go boots, platform shoes, bracelets, neclaces and jewelery etc. for 1970′s costumes and vintage outfits.

70′s Anchorman Costume

Ron Burgandy Costume, Anchorman Costume, Will Ferrell Costume, 70's Vintage Clothing

Will Ferrell in Anchorman Costume

70′s Vintage Clothing, see also Will Ferrell, Disco, Vintage Clothing Categories and Ron Burgandy

1970’s Disco King and Queen

70's disco outfits
1970’s Disco King and Queen: “Where’s the nearest discotheque?” 70’s disco costumes

For superior costumes and excellence in quality, diversity and quantity you can depend on the Dallas Vintage Shop. superior

1970’s Disco Jumpsuit

 70's Disco jumpsuit
1970’s Disco Jumpsuit.

It’s ridiculous!  It’s probably the craziest collection of 1970′s vintage clothing for women and men you’ve ever seen.  We have 70′ polyester, 70′s disco, 70′s clothing, 70′s hats, 70′s coats, 70′s suits, 70′s dresses and 70′s costume ideas for women and men.  We also have 70′s clothing and costumes for teens and children, boys and girls.

For 70’s Party Animals

70’s Party Animal in 1970’s polyester white suit.

Come see the racks and racks and racks of 1970′s clothing  for men and women.  We have 70′s polyester suits, leisure suits, 70′s ties, 70′s shoes, 70′s wigs, 70′s belts, 70′s jewelery, 70′s costumes in 70′s colors and 70′s wild patterns form all over the USA.  We work hard to have the worlds largest selection or 70′s vintage clothing and accessories.

70’s Disco Dude costume

Silver disco balls. Silver disco pants. Yeah, baby!
70’s Disco Dude costume.

1970’s Party Chick

70's go-go chick
1970’s Party Chick. Groovy baby!

Crazy man! 1970’s disco jumpsuit

70's disco costume
That’s the 1970’s! Crazy man! 1970’s disco jumpsuit.

70′s Playboy

70’s Playboy Costume, 70's Playboy Outfits, 70's Playboy Vintage Clothing,

70′s Playboy

70′s Plus Size Costume

plus sized disco girl costume

70′s Plus Size Costumes

Vintage Shirts

DALLAS VINTAGE MEGASTORE-Providing Premium VINTAGE CLOTHING in Dallas and VINTAGE CLOTHING for Theater, Film, Bands and Theme parties.

Here is just a sample of our collection of thousands of the most amazing men’s vintage shirts anywhere. Below are 70’s style shirts but we also have 20’s and 30’s styles with stripes and collars appropriate to the times and we have some amazing 50’s and 60’s styles including panel shirts, polo shirts and bolling shirts all collected from Florida, Chicago, New York, Alabama, California, Vegas, etc. and shirts purchased at vintage trade shows all over the country.

vintage shirts

vintage shirt

shirt vintage

Dallas Vintage Shop supplies Dallas and the Metroplex with its largest and most comprehensive collection of 1970’s costumes and vintage clothing.

Dallas Vintage Shop supplies Dallas and the Metroplex with its largest and most comprehensive collection of 1970’s costumes and vintage clothing. We have 1970’s wigs, afro wigs in many colors and styles, 70’s shag wigs, 1970’s hoop ear rings and peace-sign necklaces and more jewelry and accessories than you can imagine. We have 1970’s disco jumpsuits, 1970’s mens butterfly collar disco shirts, 1970’s mens suits, 1970’s polyester flair bottom pants for men in white and many wild colors, 1970’s zipper boots for men and wild 1970’s platform shoes in silver, white, zebra, leopard, red-white-and-blue and more. 1970’s leather coats, fur coats, trench coats, vinyl and more. We have 1970’s peace sign, gold medallions, gold chains neclaces and more 1970’s mens ring than you have ever seen. We have 1970’s dresses and mini-dresses, midi-dresses and maxi-dresses. Dallas Vintage shop has more than 200 feet of rack space for 1970’s clothing for men and women. In addition to that 200 feet of racks we have tens of thousands of 1970’s jewelry including ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, wigs, shoes, belts, belt buckles, concert T-shirts, concert and band buttons and pins, hats and so much more for men and women in all sizes and styles. If you are looking for 1970’s clothing and costumes you have just hit the jackpot. 1970’s clothing and costumes are our #1 best selling outfits and our largest section of vintage clothing and costumes. Please allow at least one to two hours in our store in order to see, select, assemble and try on the 1970’s outfit that will freak you out man!

1970’s Sport Coats, Suits, Jackets

70’s Sport Coats
1970’s Sport Coats, 70’s Suit Jackets, 70’s Polyester Suits, 70’s Three Piece Suits, Etc.

1970’s Chain Belts

70’s Chain Belts
1970’s Chain Belts to complete your 70’s vintage outfit.

Dallas Vintage Shop has your favorite 1970’s vintage clothing and costumes

Farrah Fossett, John Travolta, Ron Burgandy, Jim Morrison, any 70’s character, any 70’s movie, any 70’s TV show, Disco, “Saturday Night Fever”, Studio 54 and more. Dallas Vintage Shop has 1970’s polyester pants, 60’s and 70’s bellbottoms, wide belts, 70’s polyester shirts, suede/leather vests and purses with fringe, granny glasses, peace signs, head bangs, 70’s wide collar shirts, 70’s double-knit and photograph printed shirts, 70’s butterfly collared shirts topped off with gold chain medallion necklaces, white belt and shoes. 1970’s 3-piece pastel double-knit suits and ruffle collar shirts, velvet tuxes with giant bow ties and more 1970’s vintage clothes.

Go-Go Boots

go-go boots. 70's boots
1960’s and 1970’s Go-Go Boots for 60’s and 70’s costumes.

1970′s Chain Necklaces

70′ Chain Necklaces
1970′s Chain Necklaces for 1970’s costumes.

1970’s Earrings

70’s Earrings
1970’s Earrings. Giant hoops, rhinestone hoops, disco balls, bright colors, etc.

1970’s Style

If you are in Dallas or not and you need 70’s clothes, 70’s costumes or 70’s vintage clothing with all accessories then Dallas Vintage Shop is the place for you. This page and this website is only a sample of the 1970’s costume ideas we have to offer. If you’ve never been in our store it would be impossible for you to comprehend the immense volume and encyclopedic variety of 1970’s vintage clothing and accessories we have. That is for just the 70’s. Please allow yourself one or two hours if you want to see everything available for 70’s costumes. Yes, we have large, XL or plus sizes and are able to make costume suggestions for those who want suggestions. We want to help everyone create a look that is right for them.

Vintage Shoes

DALLAS VINTAGE MEGASTORE-Providing Premium VINTAGE CLOTHING in Dallas and VINTAGE CLOTHING for Theater, Film, Bands and Theme parties.
Super Cool Vintage Wing Tips. Women judge men by their shoes.

Vintage shoes collection. Best in Dallas
80’s shoes, Polka Dot Shoes, Glitzy Shoes, etc.