'Audrey Hepburn'

Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady, Hollywood Movie Star Hat

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This Audrey Hepburn, famous My Fair Lady Hat is available at Dallas Vintage Shop as well as any other Vintage Hollywood Classic Movie Star hat or costume you can imagine.

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Audrey Hepburn! Look at this ‘My Fair Lady’ inspired hat, it’s unbelievably beautiful and we have it at Dallas Vintage Shop. This Vintage Hollywood Audrey Hepburn inspired hat was specially made for The Golden Age of Hollywood, Mad Hatter’s Tea & Luncheon, a special Dallas Arboretum event. This one of a kind, special recreation, My Fair Lady hat is one example of the kind of Vintage Hollywood Glamorous Hats available all the time, all year round. We limit this and other Iconic Hat reproductions to one per event, per season to assure you that you will be the only one at your event with this hat.
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