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Historical Period Sword Replicas: Rapiers, Sabers, Long Swords, Replicas for Medieval, Renaissance, Revolutionary and Civil War Character Costumes

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Find a grest variety of Medieval swords, Medieval and Renaissance Rapiers, Medieval and Renaissance Long Swords, Scottish Medieval and Renaissance Dirks, Renaissance Musketeer Swords Rapiers and Weapons, Priate Sabers, Renaissance and Revolutionary War Sabers and we have more than you can imagine. Our swords and weapons will complete your outfit with the perfect look for any period or costumes you can think of.


Fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Revolutionary and Colonial Period Corsets

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Do you need corsets to complete or help you define your Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial or Revolutionary Period Costume. We are constantly getting new styles and colors of corsets in, come in and see our latest

Scarborough Fair Steampunk & Renaissance Leather Corsets & Top Hats

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Great Costumes for Scarborough Fair start at Dallas Vintage Shop. Here you can find plenty of Steampunk, Medieval, Renaissance or Victorian Costumes and complete outfits or you can pick outstanding accessory pieces to build the theme or direction of your outfit. Consider costume pieces like these Real Leather Corsets and Real Leather Top Hats. If you prefer to economize we have faux Leather Corsets and faux Leather Top Hats and Bowler Hats too. Just come see us and you’ll be glad you did.


Baldrics, Sword Belts, Frogs for Renaissance, Medieval Prrate and Steampunk Swords, Knives and Flintlocks

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Check out our huge assortment of swords, leather sword belts, leather baldrics, knives, leather knife holders, leather sword frogs, leather leg holsters for knives and flintlock guns, etc, We have quality leather sword holders and weapon holders and there are economy faux leather sword holders and frogs too. We also have leather and faux leather pouches, device holders, knife frogs, knife sheaths, dirk holders etc. in all shapes and sizes and in an unbelievable assortment of sizes and colors of leather and faux leather. When it comes to Renaissance festivals we have you covered form head to toe including weapons and weapon holders.

Pirate, Gladiator, Renaissance Festival, Medieval, Viking, Crusader, Weapon Sword Belts, Baldrics and Frogs

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We have all the Swords, Knives, Sword Belts, Baldrics and Frogs you will need to complete your Ren Fest, Scarborough Fair or Renaissance Outfit.


Period Costume Jewelry: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, Fantasy, Royalty, Vikings, Wizards, Witches, Masquerade, etc.

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Renaissance Medallions, Renaissance Amulets, Renaissance Broaches, Renaissance Crosses, Renaissance Belts, Renaissance Chokers, Renaissance Necklaces and so, so much more!

Men & Ladies Renaissance, Medieval, Royalty, Knights Period Jewelry

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We have all the mens Renaissance and Medieval Costumes and Accessories including Jewelry fit for a King or any class. As a matter of fact we have costume Jewelry for any decade, century and even fantasy.